So let’s take a look at what we can do with Compare Stuff.

Select “21-71 years of age (man)” as your x-axis and then choose some attributes that you might expect to change with age – how about ambitious and tired?

ambitious vs. tired

(Click on the image to get the most up to date plot.)

That seems to make sense – check out the sharp drop in ambition as we hit our 40s. Now how about the ladies?

ambitious vs. tired

This is really interesting – the decline in ambition slower than in men and hits the bottom around 5 years earlier. Are men pushing and pushing for fame and glory right up until their mid-life crisis – then burning out, while women are saving some energy for later in life?

Note: the blip for 66 year olds seems to be due to an inconsistency in the Yahoo results we get through the API – if you click on the image for an up to date plot, it may have corrected itself.

That brings us on to the mid-life crisis. When is it exactly?

mid life crisis

The answer of course is 42 (or thereabouts). This demonstrates that you don’t need to type two things into the pink and purple boxes. Although… it’s interesting to put just “crisis” in the second box.

So now we can get to work, profiling men or women for their interest (or at least association with) various things…

console vs. golf


That last one looks interesting, what does it mean?

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