A long, long time ago when Compare Stuff was young I made a version which made it easy to do quantitative biomedical literature search analysis. I have now blown away the cobwebs, improved it a little (now you can compare 8 things) and will briefly demonstrate its genius…

Note that it still uses the old vertical graph style like the legacy web version, but it’s still quite easy to figure out what’s going on.

With it you can… compare trends in research activity:


Sad, but true, obesity research is on the increase while cancer research is steady or perhaps on the decline.

You can also compare techniques and places:


Or you can compare places with respect to research activity:


Here is looks like Kobe and Osaka are better places to work on diabetes if you thrive on competition and discussion with colleagues.

And that’s only the beginning… you can look at trends across different diseases or types of cancer, different techniques, fields, authors, gene names… in fact anything you can think of (but remember that the numbers of “hits” should be large so that the stats are good).

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  1. Bob Says:

    Re: the Kobe/Osaka career choice – you might want to look at the absolute number of hits too (click on the images in the story to get the full results page).

  2. Bugfixes - Compare Stuff News Says:

    [...] to fix and now you can query for all kinds of trends in the biomedical research literature. See the previous blog post for more [...]

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