The plot below shows the biological sub-disciplines leading in the area of open access publishing (click on the plot for readable x-axis labels):

Bioinformatics has by far the largest amount of “open access” chatter. In purple you can see the relatively flat distribution of “journal” as a control. As a bioinformaticist myself this seems to make sense, as the leading figures in the open access movement come from this field. However, other communities (physics, computer science) have been operating an informal open access model for a lot longer (preprint servers and/or widespread preprint availability).

A lot of new x-axis categories have crept in over recent weeks – I’ll try to feature some on the blog. How about the old homepage faithful stressed/relaxed with respect to major life events…

That suggests that being pregnant and starting school are the most stressful events, but wait, let’s try it with “stressful” too, just as a sanity check:
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The best time-based trends on Compare Stuff come from phrases that are new:

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