A lot of new x-axis categories have crept in over recent weeks – I’ll try to feature some on the blog. How about the old homepage faithful stressed/relaxed with respect to major life events…

That suggests that being pregnant and starting school are the most stressful events, but wait, let’s try it with “stressful” too, just as a sanity check:

Phew they are pretty much the same.

But pregnancy and babies are not all doom and gloom, let’s try some more positive terms:

What a relief – pregnancy, marriage and childbirth are the most joyous events. Now let’s go crazy (as every true Compare Stuffer should do). Let’s also zero the y-axis before I forget.

Not surprisingly, people seem to complain a lot about being ripped off for wedding-related services – also moving house comes high. Bullying at school is no surprise either. That wasn’t really very crazy, let’s see which kinds of music are most associated with these life events:

Classical music for childbirth perhaps? Heavy metal to numb the pain of marriage (only kidding!).

Country and western triggers divorce while reggae eases childbirth? I’m only guessing. Some deeper examination of the results is needed.

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  1. Is Stress Deadly to Men? Says:

    [...] The study appears now in the Journal of Aging Research. Here is the link to the original article:Men who experiences daily moderate and high levels of stressful events increase their mortality rate…putting a parent into a retirement home. This is unlike to other studies that examined stress only [...]

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