Forget the US elections, things are hotting up in London’s mayoral race. Any PR is good PR for Boris Johnson it seems. His web visibility is rising faster than Ken Livingstone’s…

We can add “mayor” to the search terms if we like, the picture is the same.

It’s interesting to drill down into their personal qualities (please click – font too small to show inline with this article). There are big differences between the candidates compared to Hillary and Barack and they seem to make sense to me – Ken more thoughtful and hostile, Boris more polite, loyal, honest, generous and intelligent. Well they nearly all make sense.

And finally, their ties (in webspace) to different aspects of society are very different:

Livingstone is ahead on pollution and recreation, but Johnson leads on pretty much everything else. I personally am very scared of what the polls are saying. I know Ken has probably been in too long now, but come on, could Boris Johnson seriously do this job???

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