With Ryanair in the news “blaming high passenger taxes and rising charges” for its cutbacks at London Stansted, you might be thinking “Hang on a minute, but Ryanair are the masters of hidden taxes and charges!”. Well let’s see who is most moaned about on the web in this respect:

Surprisingly, BMI Baby tops the charts for “hidden charges”, with Ryanair and EasyJet coming in a close second and third. The results for “stranded” aren’t as you might expect. It seems that Lufthansa had a well reported strike which left thousands stranded. I doubt the unions are very strong at Ryanair… I guess you want to try the phrase “I was stranded”, that should reflect customer opinion better.

Now let’s try “unreliable” vs “reliable”:

Lufthansa seem to be most often reported as reliable on the web, with Air France most unreliable. KLM are second highest in reliability and unreliability. That’s quite impressive.

Now how about not getting your bags at the carousel?

Alitalia seem to be best at losing your bags!

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