Let’s start by comparing some old-school drugs, cannabis and cocaine, and their relative occurrence on web pages containing the numbers 2004 to 2010. In other words, let’s see how their web-popularity has changed in recent years:

They are almost identical. Let’s try another two, MDMA and heroin:

Again they are very similar, but with a slight tailing off for MDMA (harder to make in the UK since 2008).

Now let’s try mephedrone and cocaine. The difference is massive.

Meanwhile, it is almost completely absent from the medical literature.

This plot has a really nice shape. But it does suggest that people let things go during the week.

I mean, really, people should be cleaning their teeth every day of the week, not just before a big Saturday night out.

The Pubmed version had broken due to a change in the Pubmed results format. It was easy to fix and now you can query for all kinds of trends in the biomedical research literature. See the previous blog post for more examples.

I also removed the “powered by Yahoo” icon because Yahoo are not serving it any more. It seems we’re using a deprecated API now, but I guess it will work for a while to come.

And while we are here, I’ll post a graph for old times’ sake:

Happy comparing!